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Frida Kahlo Special Edition x Astrid Medina

12 OZ 

Whole Bean


Amor Perfecto has teamed up with worldwide icon Frida Kahlo to bring you a coffee collection featuring her legacy while highlighting coffee from Amor Perfecto’s female-owned farms.


Four years ago, Luisa Guaragna and her sister, Alina, had a personal mission. They wanted to make their coffee farm a source of excellent coffee and a place that brings job opportunities for the people in the area. Today, the farm is producing specialty coffees that are winning awards and their production model is setting an example for future coffee farmers in the Sierra Nevada region. Their coffee is a delicious combination of sweet fruit, with a delicious chocolate aftertaste that has to be tasted to do it justice.




Louis Sherry Butterfly by Harrison Howard

2 Piece Designer Tin

Pieces: Salted Caramel and Sicilian Orange


Harrison Howard was born in 1954 in Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. Much of his professional career has been devoted to mural work in private homes, and has included screen prints, panels, easel paintings and watercolors. In the most recent years his focus has been on easel painting and limited edition prints, often with bird, animal or floral motifs.



Frida Kahlo prima design mug

20 oz

Dishwasher and Microwave Safe





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